Paper 2D Tile Map/Set Improvements

Hello, I’ve been using the Tile Map editor in UE4 recently and I felt that there is both little documentation for it mainly because its sort of simple. I wanted to suggest new features to add to both the Map editor and Tile Set Editor as well. If anybody has any suggestions please add to this thread as it would be greatly appreciated! :smiley: Anyway my list of things that would be helpful additions are below:

Tile Map Improvements:

  1. Allow for the paint/erase brush to be resized
  2. Allow for randomization of the paint brush tiles(so you would pick multiple tiles from the tile set and it would randomize from those tiles as you paint)
  3. Allow for randomization for the fill brush as well
  4. Allow for adjustment/offsets between individual layers(so there would be the base separation amount and then the offset for that individual layer)
  5. Allow for individual layers to be movable throughout the size of the map(so you can move it in the X and Z axis if it doesn’t use up the whole map but its still constrained to the map size)
  6. Allow for individual layers to have their own tile sizes(this would work in tandem with option 5)
  7. Allow for a clear all brush without having to delete the layer

Tile Set Improvements:

  1. Allow for flipbook tiles(to also be used in Tile Maps, if this hinders performance then alert the user so they can know this ahead of time)
  2. Allow for adjustable tiles sizes or allow us to build a tile set from Paper2D sprites and flipbooks rather than using a texture(or at least have the option as well even if they are separate tile sets, that would be a good start)

Well that’s all I’ve got, if anybody has more suggestions or a different/better option than what I have then PLEASE post it in this thread so Epic can get as much info as possible! Have a nice day! :slight_smile: