Paper 2D Sprites disappear when they collide or meet

Hi, I couldn’t solve this problem.

As you see the gif file, when the object, Sprite, collides or meets other object, they just disappeared and appear when they are not colliding.

I didn’t use physics or kind of physics.

I used movement input blueprint.

Can anyone help?


Thanks for replying.

Camera’s up vector is z axis so map is xy plane.

And I add other camera to see them when they collide. It shows.

I found some interesting thing that if tank object and zombie object are colliding with same depth(z value), they disappear.

When they disappeared, I stop the playing but the default view set on where they collided with their depth, not viewing object.

I think when they collide the camera’s z value set 0.

And If the depth is different, they do not disappear when they are colliding.