Paper 2D jumping issue

There is probably a very simple solution to this I’ve missed, but whenever my character jumps while pressing against a wall, their jump is shortened.

They normally can jump about four tiles high and land on a wall four tiles high, but if they press against the wall while jumping they get hung on the top of the wall and can’t make it over. Even if they’re right next to the wall, they can make it over the wall as long as they don’t press against the wall. The jump seems to work normally even when pressing against the wall until reaching the top, where the character moves forward a bit into and over the wall before returning to the side of the wall with no upward momentum. The tiles’ collision is made up of perfect squares, so there aren’t any slopes that are messing with the jump.

Is there a wall friction option I missed or an issue with the way I’ve set up the collision? If anyone knows how to fix this, that’d be greatly appreciated. I’m fairly new to Unreal Engine, and I couldn’t find anything about this issue online, so I’m a bit lost. Thanks