Paper 2D - infinite Tiling Arcade template


WIP - Paper 2D - infinite Tiling Arcade template

Examples of the random level colors:

Editor Viewport showing the BP:

Hello Marketeers,

I’m a big fan of pixel games/art and started building a 2D infinite arcade style project for the marketplace. I just wanted to share what I’ve been working on so far and to see
if people might find it useful.

Current Features:

  • Custom blueprint that allows for infinite levels.
  • Health Bar - Hearts
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Super cool 2D pixel dude
  • Random level color - Uses Dynamic Material Instances to change level color randomly from an array of selected colors.

***Upcoming features / to do list: ***

  • Complete the Parallax scrolling function (need to fix Stutter and minor screen tare issues)
  • Pixel animations (walk, death, Basic attack, ranged attack),
  • Score/Distance (change font, complete score system score based on distance + enemy kills)
  • Basic enemy units,
  • randomized Pitfalls.
  • Game Music
  • Sound Effects

Video preview:

Early Parallax video:

Stutter and minor screen tare issues need to be resolved still, The stutter is due to event tick running a function that I just haven’t moved to its own timer yet. For the screen tare, I need to double check where the Sprites line up, They should be right beside each other. if it’s not from a gap or overlap does anyone have any other ideas about what could cause the screen tare?

let me know what features you like the most and any features you would like to see added.

I’m always open to positive comments and suggestions,

** reserved for future use **

I think this looks really cool.
There is not enough 2D stuff on the marketplace and I often forget that Unreal does 2D.

Looking forward to seeing it’s release :smiley: