(Paper 2D) How to create rooms and have a transition between them

Hey all.
I’m currently working on a basic side scroller in Paper 2D but its currently one large map. I’m curious as to how I can split the map into single rooms of varying size with a transition between each of them.
The idea is to eventually have a map/minimap that will gradually reveal each room on it as they are cleared.
The transition effect I mean is sort of like when you enter a pipe between each room in Metroid but it doesn’t have to be a pipe. Just utlising the edge of the area or an open doorway would be fine.
Been browsing forum but cant find anything about how to do this.

I am also interested in this as I am working on something similar. I had set up cameras for each room that turn on/off when the player enters/exits room, but as I started developing the level on a larger scale the number of cameras became overwhelming. I would like to transition a camera that is attached to the player character so that I am only using one camera for the entire level. I have played around with using camera blockers, but I am still quite new to UE, and have not had any success thus far. If anyone has helped you with this or if you have figured it out on your own would you please help me.

To get the transition effect you need to have more than one camera and use a blend between each camera when the cameras “hand off” to one another.

Follow this tutorial which walks you through the process of building the camera.

This camera is basically perfect for a super metroid style game or any other platformer similar to that. It can handle preventing the camera from seeing outside of the level as a player reaches the edge of the map and many other cool things.

Once you have the camera blueprint build you can set these cameras up one for each room. If you add a way to track which camera has seen a player for the first time you can use that to tell the minimap that the room is now revealed. I can’t really be of any help on the minimap side other than the fact you can use the camera it’s self to track as mentioned since I haven’t gotten around to building a minimap myself yet. I hope this all makes sense and helps.