Paper 2d help with front angle

Ok, so I am following a video guide on how to use paper 2d on Unreal Engine 4 on youtube. So far, I have done everything as the guy from the video explains, but on the third video at the very end when he demonstrates the physics of the platform and how it interacts with the game he hits play and everything works fine, but when I hit play my front view of the game switches to a completely different view and makes it hard to continue working. It looks like this.

Here is the video

Help guys. I’m new to this D=

Thank you!

He push the Simulate button, dont worry in the next videos he add a camera and all take sense.

If you want Simulate in the new version of UE4 check the image below:

omg! you saved me, I was about to uninstall/install ue4. Not anymore! Thank you!