Paper 2d help needed please.

Hi guys, I’m currently a games development student that’s working with unreal engine, I’m loving the ease of using the engine. I’ve been given an assignment to make a Paper 2D game which incorporates sprites and other features.

Currently i have developed the background features and interactive objects.

I am now making my character.
What i have done is acquired sprites with alpha channels for my character and extracted/grouped them into the following:

I have then stated all of these within an enumeration and assigned keys via project settings> Input. All the general hotkeys such as WASD etc etc.

I haven’t actually got onto creating the crouch state for my character, however, I have managed to develop the character to where he can run left and right, as well as jump, with all of the corresponding animations (Idle, Run, Jump).
However, and here is my issue. When I attempt to add the attack animation, i am never successful.

I have watched this video almost 20 times now.

and I cannot find a solution.

Taking logic into account, i cannot use the Animation State Machines ‘branches’, to include my ‘attack’ animation. Therefore I am to assume, as i have done in the event graph which is create a simple jump blueprint, that i must also create an attack blueprint. However, I have no idea how to do this.

Here are my current blueprints. I have added the attack animation to the state machine and have attempted to make the attack blueprint in the event graph.


Hope you guys can help.


Check out the attachment Blueprint. Its a snippet from the “Unreal Stick Figure 2D” content example.

The delay component was needed to make my own attack animation work properly.