Paper 2D Feature requests

Hey Epic -

Here are some feature requests for Paper 2D that would be awesome to see and use in Unreal Engine.

  1. Animation Tree support for Paper2D.
  2. A ‘paper pawn’ class just like there is a ‘Paper Character’ or ‘Paper Sprite Actor’ class.
  3. In-engine keyframe based animation support for both paper2D and 3D skeletal meshes.
  4. Large world support for Paper2D - Details here or maybe a fork of the world composition toolset?
  5. The ability to set anim notifies in the paper 2D editor.
  6. The ability to import 2D Skeletal animations from Spine or Spriter.
  7. More Paper 2D based project templates - Top Down, Retro FPS (DOOM, Wolf3D, Strife, Duke3D), etc.

Last but not least - Allot of Performance improvements and optimizations to Paper 2D - Currently paper 2d is not production ready for larger projects. It is great for small projects but not big ones.

Thank you for your time,


  1. +1 The enum work around is time consuming
  2. Yes please
  3. This needs work; I agee
  4. Automatic batching for tiles would be awesome
  5. +1
  6. Spriter? YES PLEASE. YES YES YES.
  7. Yes please :smiley:
  8. More love to Paper2d = Yes yes yes

Paper2D is the one area where it seems Unity have the upper-hand at the moment (In my personal opinion) so I’d really love to see some more love.

Definitely some great suggestions. Hopefully we see some Paper2D updates soon. It’s been pretty quiet since Michael Noland seemed to go AWOL back in August.

I’d especially like to see a proper top down template. I see a lot of users ask for it, and Michael had shown some screenshots of a work in progress version in a Paper2D thread. So we we’re close to getting one!

Maybe he is just on extended vacation! :stuck_out_tongue:

About spriter support, you can use their C++ interface
Spriter 2 is in the makings , it should support Unreal 4.

Yeah, Agreed - Unity does have the upper hand in this regard.

Looks like Spriter 2 will be free for existing Spriter Pro owners.

I just asked about Unreal 4 support in this thread.

I really want an official 2D top down template. That said got a link to the the post where the screenshots are?

Here is the post I was referring to.

I guess I was mistaken it’s not screens from an actual template, just his test project. It does give some decent insight however. Hopefully it helps ya.

I agree we badly need an official top down 2D template.

Certainly this needs to be moved back to the top or at least some attention given. I think with more turn-out from the paper2d communtiy coming in here and expressing their needs unreal will take a look and expedite features. :smiley:

I totally agree with what this post listed. Below are a few features that I belive is needed with a few points repeated.

  1. Flipbooks should support notifies.
  2. We need a 2D Animation State Machine.
  3. Can we get support for additional control over the texture material for paper2d. I have been able to replace the default material and add functionality of my own like modify metallic and roughness values. But it would be great to have normal maps, spec maps, roughness maps , etc to the mix.
  4. It would be a blessing to have an in editor animation tool for 2d assets.
  5. AI and Navigation for 2D.

These are my two cents, I hope epic would consider them.

Epic has put Paper2d on hold and just doing maintenance only. No new features…

I saw some guy posting about a 2D plugin that he wanted to write. Maybe I can find the thread again, so atleast we have a 3rd party solution until @MichaelNoland returns to Paper2D

EDIT: Found it: Scissor2D - A new 2D toolkit plugin - Unreal Engine Forums

Sorry for Necro, but 2 yrs later is " so atleast we have a 3rd party solution until @MichaelNoland " ,and since he’s no longer dev’ing on it, I guess 2d is low prirority given the lacking features on paper 2d and likely the HUGE competition ?

Is this a done deal and has anyone thats worked on paper 2d find it a waste of tiime given alternatives ?
Answers may be obvious but want to verify.


I think there are very feel people using Unreal for 2D…
Maybe that’s why.