Paper 2D Falling Trap Movement

I have a sprite, a falling chandalier with spikes on the bottom. The damage hit box for running into the trap works. I have a second collision box that triggers the trap movement and that is where I need some help. I want the trap to move from it’s stationary position on the ceiling down to the floor but I want to be able to control how fast it moves. Then have it move back up to it’s original position. I am looking for something like the falling spike traps in Mega Man 2. Any help is appreciated. Here’s a screen grab of my blueprint.

I would use a timeline for the purpose of making the chandelier fall and go back up:

If you need to change how quickly the chandelier falls and goes back, you can use the Set Play Rate node. It allows you to change the play rate of the timeline so you can make it play faster or slower. Very handy.

thank you for the answer. The timeline for me is a step in the right direction but I want the trap to loop while my character is in the collision box. Also the timeline doesn’t play when I re-enter the collision. Do you think you could help me out there? Thank you so much. I made a short video clip of the play mode: