Paper 2D collision, Why won't this work?

So after receiving some help this is the current state of my basic attack.
I have no idea why it isn’t working as intended and after much research, I need some more help. It’s straightforward blueprints,
When attack is pressed, set that we are attacking, and change the animation state.
Then loop through all actors of BP_Enemy_Primary class that are overlapping sword collision
Cast to the enemy primary and grab its capsule component
From the cast, Check to see if the Sword collision and capsule component from the enemy are overlapping
if They are, the enemy takes damage (set to 1 to destroy the actor)
Once the loop is complete, change your is attacking to false and the state back to idle

What am I doing wrong?

After adjusting collision volume overlaps, and setting enemy to block and player character to overlap, the attack volume works, but not as intended.
Setting the enemy takes damage value to a 0 float, so as it technically does no damage, still will completely destroy the enemy.

Running a print string from an event tick showing the enemies health. It stays at 1. I call my event with a key press, and another string shows it correctly fires off damage (set to 0) and somewhere in between that, the destroy actor is still called