Paper 2d character rotation, lock to Y axis?

Hi there. I am making a 2d top down space game, and have enemy ships, missiles etc following the player. The problem I cannot get around is that if I rotate a character to face its direction of movement, either through ‘find lookat rotation> set actor rotation’ in the event graph or by checking ‘orient rotatation to movement’ in the character movement component, it will often flip the character, ruining the 2d effect. The engine is rotating the character through whichever combination of axis will get to the desired vector as efficiently as possible.

Since all my movement happens in the XZ plane, I want all rotation to happen around the Y axis, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to limit rotation axis except through physics, which I am not using.

Can anyone give me a tip please?

If you have a camera in the blueprints then make sure that it is attached to the spring arm and then select the spring arm and uncheck the inherited pitch, yaw, and roll. This will make sure that your ship is the only thing that rotates and not the camera. I hope this helps.

explodi // It seems we have same problem. Did you solved this? Then, Please let me know how to handle this. ‘Find Look at Rotaion’ method in blueprint just out the result between -90 to 90.