Paper 2D Character movement question?

Hi all…

I’m looking for some advice on how to approach moving the character up and down in 2d,
What would be the best way to get this effect. i have a street and sidewalk in a 2d sprite, How can i give the aspect or the feeling that when you move up that you are going towards the sidewalk and when down is pressed the character comes back closer to the camera. ie Getting larger. i know i can use scale etc to achieve that effect, its more the feeling of walking the depth of the road… Ive added a example image in-case Ive not really explained myself properly.

Horribly late but for anyone else tackling this issue, although I can’t suggest the best method, i’ll add my suggestion and hopefully it will help someone.

What I did was Add Movement Input of the character on the Y axis since UE4 doesn’t use “True 2d”. That would tackle the character getting larger the closer they would get to the camera and vice verse when moving away depending on how you rigged your camera.

I would angle the camera downwards so that you can have your road flat but that might not be necessary.