Paper 2d - can you animate like Spine 2d?

So, I was watching this clip:
and was wondering if you can do something like this with Paper 2d in UE4?

  • Ive looked at Spine vs Creature - the interface feels better, and the warp mesh better in Spine…
    … yet, they seem like they are Unity fans (their site says UE4 C++ support coming - whereas Creature already has UE4 support C++)

This got me to thinking, that Paper 2d might work? Though I haven’t been able to find anything to verify this, or where the development path is for Paper 2d.
(Saw Unity has their own version of Spine native in the app - though, I have no plans on going to Unity)

With the new sculpting tools (beta) in 4.25 - I figured it would be worth looking into, as UE is really pushing ground.