Paper 2d camera question

So making a little 2d game, I’ve got a basic background that the character is moving around over, the issue is when the character gets to the edge of the background image, instead of the camera staying locked on the movement of the character, I need the camera to stop moving, so as to not go off the background image, but allow the character to continue moving to the edge of the screen. I watched the Stick Figure stream with P2D and noticed that map also had the camera going off of the background image as well. I’m thinking the way to to this is to say - if the character gets to “x” position on the background image, the camera stops moving - if player position is > 50 (for example) stop camera.

Not sure how to put this into BP visual scripting form, but writing this out has helped. I’ll be working on it - but if you’ve got an easy answer, it’s welcome! Thanks