Paper 2D animated tiles


In RPG Maker, some tiles are animated, like fire or water.
Is it possible to do the same thing in UE4?
Because the tilemap system is good, but no way to do this. Did I forget something?


An example here:


You could do something like that with a flipbook material :slight_smile: Sprite Sheet Basic - How to import outside images sequences in UE4 - YouTube

you can do it!

you can do that, just make the loop in any drawing software… like the water just draw a couple images of the image loop, live an character walk cycle, and
make it a flipbook, same as a gift image.

Yes, but how can we use it with a tilemap ?

No ideas ? ^^

So, I haven’t really had the opportunity to explore Unreal Engine yet, or its Paper 2D features. I’m actually here because I was looking into the possibility, and animated tiles was one of the questions I had in mind. Anyway, I don’t know if this applies to UE4 in any way (the big question being how much control you have over the tiles once they’re placed in the room), but a technique I discovered in Game Maker was to have a counter set up, and at regular intervals change the tile. So, if you have a tile sheet that has all of the frames of your animation in, say, a row, and then just tell it to draw the next tile in the sequence at regular intervals.

I just wanted to bump this to see if anyone had an update?

Doesn’t seem to be implemented by default from what I can tell.

Also, here’s a reddit post with a good workaround: