Paper 2D AI


Does somebody know a tutrial to make a simple AI (enemy goes to player like a zombie) for a paper 2d project. I tried some 3d zombie tutrials on my paper 2d project but it didnt work the enemy didnt move.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there Nyffellare! I’d recommend looking into the iTween plugin. I spent two weeks trying to get basic movement going, and that got me running in fifteen minutes. It’s basically like a macro node, exposing the parts you find important (AI character, its current position, its destination, and the target he’s going to head toward) and takes all of the timeline stuff and quietly handles it.

In your case you’d probably want to use the Move Tick node to continually update your character’s position and reroute them toward your player.

Thanks I will check it out and hope it helps :smiley: