Paper 2D AI Character Problems with Rotation Caused by Collision and Attack Damage Looping

I used a marketplace blueprint as a good framework to start on since I’m fairly new to UE4 but they all will be changed in time. My problem I’m having is the Enemy AI rotates or turns when colliding with terrain or my player character. I’m not 100% sure the cause of this but I think it is either the capsule on the AI or the AI blueprint itself. Also I’m trying to get my AI Enemy to run up to the player and loop attack on the player. After each attack there is to be a cooldown before the next attack. However, the attack does not register on the player unless the player walks away from the enemy then the attack is triggered. I have no idea why it does that. The attack blueprint is in the AICharacter Blueprint and the AI movement is in the AI behavioral tree stuff. One other problem I’m having is that when the player leaves the line of sight of the enemy AI the AI will not turn and follow but stand for a bit where the player used to be (Which is part of the memory) then go into Idle state.

I have provided a video to help those who are helping me since I need help. =P

Any help will be much appreciated.