Pantry Stuffers Pack Two

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This pack contains random food objects that are commonly found within pantries and/or kitchens. These props are great for modern urban areas as well as modern post-apocalyptic survival games. This pack works great along side the Pantry Stuffers Pack One package.

Each object’s label was hand crafted and made to look as realistic as possible. Included in the pack are 20 high quality custom labels and the pack also comes with label templates so you can easily make your own. The possibilities are endless. Most materials are designed with a mask so that in many cases all you need to do is create the label itself and apply it to a material instance of the object.


Now we just need someone to model us a pantry!

If i couldnt make them myself i would totally buy these parfact assets :3

Perfect for my project. Thank you!

Great, you modeled cans, but no can opener! j/k, these look awesome :slight_smile:

Approved. Release date scheduled for December 9th.