Panoramic movie recording sync issue when using Image-based medias

Hi all,

I have this weird issue of image-based sequences I’m using on planes to show video content in my scene getting out of sync when recording a panoramic movie. I first had this issue when exporting a level sequence as a movie and using normal media players based on mp4 files. I understand I needed to use image-based sequences to solve this issue, which did the trick.

However I now want to export this as a panoramic movie as well. When I try to capture my level sequence as a panoramic movie, anything using my image-based sequences gets out of sync (like my media players used to do before) with the recording as somehow the engine keeps playing them in the background.

Does anyone have any idea on how to make sure the engine ties up the frame rate of the image-based sequences to whatever frame I am at when recording as a panoramic movie?