Panoramic Capture Plugin not working in packaged build

The Panoramic Capture Plugin works on editor but doesn’t work on packaged win10 build.

Console logs say "
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:169][807]r.TonemapperFilm = “1”
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:170][807]r.AllowOcclusionQueries = “0”
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:171][807]t.MaxFPS = “60”
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:171][807]Command not recognized: SP.OutputDir C:/PanoramicCaptureFrames
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:172][807]Command not recognized: SP.StepCaptureWidth 1024
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:172][807]Command not recognized: SP.CaptureSlicePixelWidth 720
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:173][807]Command not recognized: SP.ForceAlpha 1
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:173][807]Command not recognized: SP.HorizontalAngularIncrement 2
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:174][807]Command not recognized: SP.VerticalAngularIncrement 15
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:174][807]Command not recognized: SP.ConcurrentCaptures 8
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:175][807]Command not recognized: SP.CaptureHorizontalFOV 30
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:175][807]Command not recognized: SP.ShouldOverrideInitialYaw 0
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:176][807]Command not recognized: SP.OutputBitDepth 8
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:177][807]Command not recognized: SP.Monoscopic 0
[2021.05.13-09.47.01:177][807]Command not recognized: SP.PanoramicScreenshot

Can’t this plugin be used in packaged builds?

Tryed to include the dll’s by hand, same result.

The PanoramicCapture dll has “UEEditor” on its name.

Thanks for helping

Did you find the solution? I got the same issue

Anyone find the solution? I’m having the same issue on mac.

Everyone ignores that type of questions. Even on most flooded forums. Like it some kind of secret info that you not supposed to know. lol