Panoramic Capture does not seem to work with Unreal 4.24

Greeting, I installed the plugin panoramic Capture to create a 360 video using unmreal 4.24.2 and this tutorial L Panoramic Capture Tool Quick Start for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

It just did not work out, I manage to retrieve the blueprint and put it on the scene but the screenshot is not taken. Out of desesperation I tried to install Unreal 4.23.1 (The version mentionned in the tutorial) and followed the same step and it bloody work . So I am confuse about what I could have made wrong but as far as I know , and I check and double check, I did the same thing in both case so I am confuse about why it work in 4.23 and not in 4.24.2

Anyone got the same issue?

–haven’t tried it yet in 4.23, (probably will), but ditto for 4.24.3.

EDIT: It worked, 4.24.3, just seems to disappear as a process into the bkgrd, so it looks like it’s not working… it eventually appeared in Windows Explorer default location as indicated. Would be nice to see a little indicator somewhere that it is working in the background… “wait for it…wait for it…”

thats interesting, and you simply did the basic which is activate the plugin and put the actor into the scene?

Had the same problem following the online documentation. After watching a video by the Epic team on this plug in I realized that the output directory was not set. I had to manually create a storage folder and explicitly set the path using Sp. Outputdir “your path” Furthermore if you changed project settings for rendering for VR optimization it also would not work.

HI im trying to capture a Unreal Environment Diorama using the BP_Panorama 360 but all i get is this render? need help or proper direction.

I think that your panorama capture is working fine but you are in the center of your player sphere!