Panorama for merged laser scans

I have a .e57 file that is merged from 2 separate Lidar hardware:
Trimble X7, a terrestrial Lidar scanner which provides the point cloud and panorama and XGrid Lixel L2, a handheld scanner which only provides the point cloud. Our plan is to merge these 2 datas together to ultimately get a laser scan which has high density while maintaining the panorama from the X7. We have managed to merge the 2 datas together and import it into RealityCapture. However, upon clicking into the image on the .lsp, it seems that the point cloud from the handheld scanner has overlay onto the terrestrial scanner panorama.

is there any way to maintain both merged point clouds together while having only the panorama from the terrestrial scanner.

Hi @jjeerriieell
Naturally, RealityCapture doesn’t support handhelds scanners and ether the laser scan panoramas.
How you merged the datasets together? After import into RealityCapture do you see the scanners positions?
About the LSP, it is basically just the projection of the scanner 3D point cloud to a cube which is placed into the scanner center and it is axis aligned in the scanner coordinate system.

So if the merging of the scans is working for you I suppose the results will be without the mentioned panorama image.

Hi Otrhan,

Thank you for the reply. I have requested a third party to help us merged the 2 datasets together. However, to the exact details of how it was merged, I am not too sure.

Yes, after importing it into RealityCapture, I do see the scanner position. That was why I was able to see the 6 .lsp images. Will it be possible for us to view the panorama image of only the laser scan instead of the merged scans of terrestrial and handheld?

Do you think it will be ok for you to take a look at the merged .e57? If so, how can I send the file?

Hi @jjeerriieell
Regarding the terrestrial laser scanner, have you scanned only from one position or from more position.
In general, using terrestrial laser scanner provides 6 LSPs for each position.
Are you using RealityCapture 1.4.1? If so, you should be able to process such laser scan.
As I wrote, RealityCapture doesn’t support panorama images, so this is not possible.
Theoretically you can import it as ordinary image, but I suppose it won’t be aligned.

Hi @OndrejTrhan ,

Apologies for the late reply.

Can I check why is it that the e57 does not have panorama embedded in the data structure as a 2D Image yet RealityCapture is able to produce the right .lsp file. What does RealityCapture look at in the e57 files to generate the .lsp