Panning/Zooming Widget Blueprint crash

Hi, The editor always crashes when I pan or zoom the widgets blueprint in the “Designer” view, is this a known bug ?

UnrealEngine ver 4.10 (checked out on 27-09-2015)
Fedora-22-x64_86. Running KDE Plasma Desktop ver 5.4
Nvidia GTX Titan.
CPU Core I7 3930K
32GB of RAM

Well, after looking at the log it seems that there is an assertion failure at this line:

Assertion failed: Assertion failed: Type != ERangeBoundTypes::Open [File:Runtime/Core/Public/Math/RangeBound.h] [Line: 89]

and the call stack says:

[Callstack] 09 0x00007fc3a8dc4a70 FDebug::AssertFailed(char const*, char const*, int, wchar_t const*, …)

[Callstack] 10 0x00007fc39a4b1ae1 FScrubRangeToScreen::InputToLocalX(float) const

after digging around in the source code I’ve found that:
in the file “SRuler.cpp” in the struct “FScrubRangeToScreen” the function “InputToLocalX” is calling “TRange::GetLowerBoundValue()” and this function is calling “RangeBound::getValue()”
in the “RangeBound::getValue()” function in the file “RangeRound.h” there are two lines:

    check(Type != ERangeBoundTypes::Open);

    return Value;

now, I have commented the first assertion line to make sure that this line is the cause of the problem and it was!
after building the editor it never crashed while zooming or panning the UMG editor.

I hope that helps you devs to fix this issue, thanks in advance.