Panning outside landscape

Hi guys, im trying to think through this thing.
I want to make a scene, where player is brought on a helicopter to a base.
So he is flying over landscape for 1-2 minutes, then seamless landing sequence, then door opens he can come out.
He does not operate the heli.
So i figured out that the heli can stay on the ground the whole time, to not cause any problems at all, and only
add animations of the outside landscape and shake it a bit, to add illusion of movement.

Player can move and walk inside.

I just want to hear your thoughts, do you think that’s possible? How would you solve this problem?

As long as the player is in heli, disable input for playercontroller.

player must walk inside. You don’t seem to understand or i seem to badly wrote description.

Sorry for bumping but i need help on that, and got no answer yet.

So i want not only to create illusion of motion inside helicopter, i will do that by animating landscape behind windows and disabling culling everything else,
but now im interested in simulating “shaking” on physical level.

I want to add certain physical objects inside like cofeemugs, belts, etc that will react to helicopter “movement” is it possible?
Can i animate the physics themselves, or somehow “shake” them?

I’d just apply forces to the helicopter shell and let the engine simulate everything inside it. You don’t actually need to make the helicopter fly, just attach it to some fixed rigid body using a suitable joint/constraint and let it swing around the fixed body as you apply forces to simulate wind/turbulence/explosions. Personally, I wouldn’t bother moving the landscape, I’d just move the rigid body along the flight path (using a Matinee spline perhaps).

ok but how i use the lightmapping with this approach?
I mean if there is a way to get good lighting while the heli itself is moving?
Heli is really big inside, more like an cargo airplane interior.

sorry for bumping still need help