Panner Node (Planet Material Day/Night Map)

I made an Earth material that rotates and shows day and night by combining different maps and masks (Similar to these set ups Unreal Engine Planet Shader Tutorial - YouTube AND UE4 Tutorial: Earth Material (with clouds and day/night cycle) - YouTube). However, I noticed this method using the panner node with the material only works on the World’s X or Y axis. Our game unfortunately is set up with a different axis which makes it look awkward and the engineer can’t change the game axis set up without a massive overhaul. Is there anyway to manipulate the panner node so the materials will rotate around the object but that animation can be rotated as needed or a workaround to make this day/night material work, or is there another way to show day and night (city lights) for planets?

See: Day/Night Planet Panner Node - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums