Panner expression doesn't work as expected on mobile

I have a panner expression node connected to cloud texture in my unlit material,and this material is applied to plane, it’s working fine on both PC and mobile views, but when I install the app on my Nexus 5 ,the panner will only loop once, i.e: the cloud goes from start to the end of the plane and nothing happens !!.

I noticed that skysphere blueprint uses the same method (panners with distortions) but I can’t figure out how it’s working well but mine don’t !,moreover, there are different ways to move a texture or making it look like it’s moving e.x panner with normal map but it’s not working well on mobile, world position offset and pivot painter, I couldn’t figure out how to do it with world position offset whereas pivot painter is for meshes that I’m not considered with :slight_smile:

Am I missing something or there’s an issue with the mobile ??