Panic Cube - A classic Memory Tester Revamped

Hi guys,
My name’s Callum, and I am one of the founders of Fishbowl Interactive.
We are an indie development team who have stuck together since university to realise our passion for game development.
We have recently released a mobile game called Panic Cube in which you need to watch, recall, and repeat as many sequences as possible within 120 action packed, crazy swiping, sweat inducing seconds.
In Panic Cube, the more patterns you get correct in a row, the higher multiplied score you get. Easy, right?
However, you have to collect your score for it to be added to your total, and if you fail a sequence, you lose all uncollected points.
Did I mention you lose 2 precious seconds for every collect? Use power ups, strategy, and determination to beat the game, beat your friends, and beat the world.

Key features:
God Mode Power ups
Use unique power-ups to ascend to the top of the world.

Nail biting gameplay
Will you give up precious seconds to collect gems or risk losing it all?

Panic inducing beats
Play to, and unlock a variety of awesome music

Complete tasks to level up and unlock score bonuses, backgrounds, music, and more.

Unlock all 25 achievements.

Please check it out! We appreciate any feedback (constructive or otherwise).


Android link:

iOS link: