A small demonstration of my map, a small portion…

I have taken some time off of UE4 and gone back to CoD2 modding. I am slowly finishing my CoD2 project and once I am done I am full on this,

Testing out hit detection and animations are played based on the side of the bullet hit. After certain amount of damage death animation and ragdoll physics is applied.

So after adding my first enemy I made a blood spray particle and to make it work on my Zombie mesh I needed to set the capsule collision to CUSTOM and object type to PAWN with visibility set to IGNORE. And static mesh has ragdoll settings with custom added BLOCK parameter for visibility trace.

A blood splatter system I made with blueprints and particles taking its collision and spawning a deffered blood decal. Can make lot of things from here, this is just the base.

Did a small decal spawn on hit location with random size in range. And randomized blood spawn after splatter hits the floor.

*added different zombie types, male and female
*added crosshair color change when you hit an enemy
*added crosshair spread that depends on various factors
*fixed some bugs with weapon switch and ammo count

Played with some volumetric lighting and definitly will use it through my game. Added a flashlight to my character that casts realistic light and shadows.

Did not find many documentation on implementing realistic water so I did it by myself. It was a trial and error, many editor crashes but here I got the ■■■■■■ render pretty well on a deffered decal.

Started working on my 2nd part of the main level. Doing one by one building and adding them into a persistent level…

Almost finished my 2nd building. Need to make some final rooms and add detail :wink: