paking issues

hi i’m having this problem, when i do the package i’m having this result in the color output

its a pc proyect and im working whit nvidia gtx 1060 gpu

thnks for the help

Maybe its a gamma issue? Check your graphics card application settings, on NVidia you get it by right clicking desktop and going Nvidia Control Panel

Just a guess…
Have you set a Post Process Volume in the scene?
Looks like in the editor the scene is lit with Auto-Exposure, while during gameplay there is no exposure.

you can change that by clicking on the “Lit”-Button in the EditorViewport, go to the “Exposure” and change the settings there.
Auto = 1) if no PostProcess is in the scene it uses the default settings (also found in every camera-actor, also called post process there)
2) if there’s a post process volume it uses the settings defined there
Fixed at Log 0 = no post process at all

Hope it helps