[Pak Files] Is shipping a game without .pak files safe? Any reason not to?

Dear Epic & Community,

I was wondering if anyone/Epic knew whether shipping a game without the use of the consolidated .pak files had any downsides.

Yes it allows the user to see the file structure of the game, but near as I can tell there’s no way to take the .uassets and reload them in the editor.

Is there any significant issue with using non .pak distribution builds?



If someone wants to get the files, they’ll be able to, so the default files that are cooked are probably fine. With being one of the popular engines, people will make tools to extract the files either way.

Pak files are easily extractable; (and yes, ppl can unpack the .uasset files too)…
If you plan to make constant updates to the game I think using Pak files would be harder to work with, maybe is better to simply ship without .pak archiver.

Thank you for the replies!

Yes constant updates is my reasoning, sounds like .pak ultimately is not more secure than cooked .uasset for the intrepid hacker.

Epic if you have any commentary on this (or anyone else), do let me know!