Pak file loading documentation

Hi there,

I’ve spent a few weeks of my life digging through the pak file system in order to implement downloading and mounting of content on the fly.

With 4.15 this is broken on iOS and MAC. I’ve started other threads about that. I’m leaning towards this being a bug now rather than a mistake in my approach, but it’s difficult to tell. I may have to return to 4.14

This request is for proper documentation into the system. As far as I can tell there is no single place to look at for the best practices. There are a bunch of threads out there with the blind leading the blind.

It looks like there are quite a few of us out there wasting our time trying to get pak files built, pak files mounted and unmounted. And months of time being wasted when we could all be building cool content with all the lovely features available instead.

A couple of days from Epic building an working example and corresponding documentation would save a bunch of time out here in the land of the lost.

The examples should show how to:

  1. Build a pak file
  2. Mount a pak file to a directory (with an explanation of how the paths work)
  3. Unmount that file from the file system
  4. Load a level / map from the mounted pak
  5. Spawn an actor of a type contained in the pak