PAK blacklist file deprecated in favor of DefaultPakFileRules.ini


I have been using PakBlacklist-Shipping.txt file for excluding folders during cooking, for some time.

Today, I have noticed the following message during cooking. (Using Unreal Editor v4.25.4)

Applying PAK blacklist file [Project]\Build\Win64\PakBlacklist-Shipping.txt. This is deprecated in favor of DefaultPakFileRules.ini

I am afraid, there seems to be no official documentation for **DefaultPakFileRules.ini **file.

What is the proper way of including/excluding folders during cooking using this method? Is there any information about DefaultPakFileRules.ini file format and how to use it?


I suppose this is too late for you to help, but maybe this will help others.

There is a documentation about “DefaultPakFileRules.ini” inside “BasePakFileRules.ini” file.

“BasePakFileRules.ini” is located inside your UE4 Engine folder (“Engine\Config\BasePakFileRules.ini”).

It contains a basic explanation on how to use it.

In order to use it in your project you need to do several steps:

  1. Create the “DefaultPakFileRules.ini” config file in you project Config folder (you can just copy and rename “BasePakFileRules.ini”)
  2. Keep the [ExcludeContentForMobile] section (I do not know about any other section names for this config file, I suppose you will need to dig into the source code, maybe CopyBuildToStagingDirectory.cs will help you)
  3. Specify the “Platforms” key (even “Win64” have worked so far)
  4. Specify the “Targets” key (Shipping, Debug, Development, etc)
  5. I suppose you should keep “bExcludeFromPaks=true” (it depends on your setup. The “Pak” containter is the one you specify in the package settings)
  6. Add +Files to exclude files. It’s using Regex, so for example :[LIST=1]
  7. +Files="…/Content/Blueprints/Debug/*" will exclude all files with “<anything>/Content/Blueprints/Debug/<anything>” in their filepath (… and * means any symbol)



Hi @Araxnid,

Thank you very much for pointing out the “BasePakFileRules.ini” file inside the engine folder. I’ll certainly check that out.