Pairing Camera to Skeleton Bone

Hey! I’m not that familiar with UE4 (I’m used to how stuff works more in Blender) but am using Unreal now for a real-time media project.

I need to parent a camera in the scene to the head bone of a skeleton in the same scene. In Blender this is a simple matter of selecting the camera, then the appropriate bone and parenting the former to the latter. When I try to do this in a similar way in Unreal (using ‘attach to’ from the World Outliner) the skeleton does not appear in the selection menu. Nothing appears there except the skybox.

I’m presuming this is a deliberate limitation, because another mesh I have is able to pair to my skeleton bone fine. I’ve also set a socket for the bone I want to attach to, but of course this isn’t much use if the skeleton doesn’t even appear in the menu!

Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Make a Head Socket in the Skeleton Tree (Right Click ‘Add Socket’ on Head Bone).
Select your Camera, under Detail Tab, in the Socket section select the Head Socket (You need to push the Magnifying Glass in order to see the options).
Scroll down a bit and under Camera Options tick Use Pawn Control.

Then switch to the Character Viewport and center the camera on the head, enter coordinates X:0 Y:20 Z:0