Painting trees with integrated Volume trigger


I have a question regarding painting foliage with integrated trigger volumes. Let’s imagine for a second I’m making a game where I control a monkey who can jump from branches to branches by snaping to trigger volumes carefuly placed onto those branches ( which in turn would trigger particles effects and sound as well as physicaly bend the branche a bit) How Could I possibly achieve a forest like that without having to hand place every tree in the game.

I’ll take any tutorials or information that could point me to the right direction .

thanks in advance for any kind of Help
or similar.

Current version does not support the experimental procedural foliage.
Next version will.

The essence is, you detect foliage in immidiate/custom defined area around player, replace with appropriate blueprint that does whatever you need.
You interact with same foliage however you code it or with the provided interaction interface.

The base idea is you can paint foliage as you normally do and it gets automatically replaced.

And It would be possible then to swap the tree to another one whre only 1 or two branches are interactible as an exemple?

Also those asset are painted using the foliage tool right?

With the foliage tool you can replace instances or place individual ones - you could make the branches something you paint tonto trees for instance.

And yes, those are painted instances.