Painting Onto Static Mesh?

Are there any methods where I can paint onto my static meshes without using UV’s as I find it hard to get everything to work perfectly when just adding textures to UV’s. For instance a way I can get view my object in 3D and add details to it. I just want my models to look great and I am struggling just adding textures to static mesh’s. If you use zbrush to texture your objects. Would using the zbrush method cause graphical strain on the players systems? I want it to run on budget systems that’s all. Thanks :slight_smile:

No, UE4 only uses UV’s for texturing. The alternative is vertex colors, but you’d have to have enough vertices for it to matter. You can use Zbrush to paint your textures (or other texture painting programs, like Mudbox or Mari), but you still need your mesh UV mapped.

Okay thanks for the advice, does that method cause extra strain on the players systems or is it exactly the same as texturing them in Blender? Thanks :slight_smile:

Zbrush has a couple options—it can do an automatic UV mapping, but the results are not what you would want to use in a video game because it creates too many seams. As for painting textures, it can do polypainting where each polygon gets its own color (meaning your mesh needs to be very high poly for it to be useful) and then that gets converted to a texture map. The other method is projection painting where you paint over the screen and it gets projected onto the mesh and goes directly to the texture.
Both methods require UV mapping, and you can use that for texturing your high-poly models just fine.