Painting mask

Hey guys,
I don’t know much about materials and would like to know how to allow the player to paint a mask over a texture.
Creating invisible spots on a platform.
Kind of like spray painting .

Thanks to all.

Could use more information, maybe an image of what you are talking about.

If you want to paint out holes on a static mesh, setup a vertex paint node into your opacity slot. Then paint out the holes. More info here, just a note, more vertices on your model the more accurate the painting will be :


To create a “invisible spot” or a “hole” is very simple. Just dublicate the same material you used to draw the landscape. This time add just one node: LandScape visibility mask and put that in opacity mask.


After that set the “hole” material in your landscape settings to material you just created. Select the landscape editor and change “sculpt” setting to “visibility”. Then you just draw the hole. You can undraw the hole by keeping the shift-key pressed


To paint different textures over landscape you need to create “Layer Blend” inside your material editor and just plug every material node to there. You can use Paint tool to paint and just click the material you want to “spray”

Thank you guys