Painting Landscapes

does no one else think its much harder to do on unreal then it is to do on other engines? I love almost every aspect of unreal .but on other engines you just add the texture and paint even in cry so it can’t be graphic quality, but with unreal you got to create different things and attach different things and etc etc.

I personally think it’s pretty easy, because a basic landscape material is made in around 2-3 mins, but yes, in other engines it’s a little bit easier :smiley:
But in the UE4 you have full control over the material, because you create one from scratch -> no templates or presets

I think I just been ramming my brain so much recently that it is hard for me to remember lol maybe I should take a break. Do you have know of any video tutorials that show me how to do it?

Here is one: :slight_smile:

But it’s better when you take a look at the documentation: -> after a few landscape materials you will be abel to create the basic outliner in some few minutes :wink:

Bro I did everything correct and it works except when i go to paint it turns the entire square the texture is on into that texture instead of just the area im sparing

“This is a known issue that we are working to track down and correct. However I can offer a bit of a workaround. When you are ready to paint, choose one of your layers and paint which should paint a big square, let the shaders compile. Choose the next layer and paint which again should paint a bug square, let the shaders compile. Repeat this process for all your layers. Once you are done with all your layers then each one should paint as you expect.” :slight_smile: