Painting landscape with weightmap


Following the Unreal landscape tutorial :
I have created a Landscape from a heightmap of 249x249 : 8x8 components of 1x1 section of size 31x31 quads.
I have assigned a landscape material with 4 layers.
I have created, for each layer, a Layer info for painting.
I have exported, for a layer roads for example, a weightmap (in raw format).
When I import this weightmap (in raw format) for an another layer (or the same) I obtain this message :
“The layer file does not match the current Landscape extent (249×249), and its exact resolution could not be determined”
Moreover, the size of the weightmap is exactly 249x249 bytes !

I have done the same thing on 4.12 version without error.

My mistake, I forgot to mention that export/import file is in raw format and not in png format (it works with it)

I have downloaded the 4.16.2 and I have followed the same protocol. After exporting .raw file, when I reimport it, I still get the same error.

i followed that tutorial on 4.15 and i’m sure it works. I hate to be that guy but, i think you will have to check for errors =/

maybe if you’re lucky the guy from the stream himself is gonna read this

I am getting this error in 4.18