Painting landscape with LPV crash UE4.13


I create a new project in UE4.13.2 (thirdperson blueprint).

I add a terrain and create a basic material. (3 Constant3Vector parameters + a landscape layer blend with 3 entries connected to the base color).

I made a instance of this material and assign to the terrain.

I create a Weight-blended layer (normal) for the 3 layers and paint the terrain.

Now Save and close the editor, and activate LPV (add r.LightPropagationVolume=1 in ConsoleVariables.ini)

Start the editor and now it crash when you click on paint icon.

OS Windows 7; Nvidia Geforce 660 (driver 361.43)

Hello zeurt,

This is a known and reported issue and it looks to be fixed for an upcoming full engine release. It can be tracked by following the link I have provided below.


Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.