Painting color variations on Landscape Material like Vertex Colors?

Hello Unreal Community,

I have a question, i am new at Unreal Engine and i am slowly try to create a Landscape in Unreal Engine so far i have my landscape material set with a bunch of test textures that i can paint on the landscape so far so good… But what i now try is to paint a little bit color variation on the landscape like painting with Vertex Colors but unfortunately it looks like that Vertex Colors are not accepted by the landscape material?

Here is an example picture, imagine i want to paint pink spots on the grass ground, but the pink spot should have some kind of blend modes like multiply or overlay so you can see the grass structure underneath the color… i mean what is of course possible is to have different grass textures with different colors but i thought that maybe just paint color on the landscape cost not much texture memory compared of having 3 or 4 different colored grass textures?
Maybe you have some ideas?

Thanks for your time and help!!!