Painting and exporting Metahuman | Avatar Aang with Unreal Engine 5 | Explained!

What is this video? It will show you the making of this character using several softwares: Unreal Engine 5 early access, Metahuman creator, Blender, Substance Painter, Quixel Mixer and Mixamo.

Everything starts with metahuman creator (You can find a five minutes tutorial here in my channel, it will be a quick walkthrogh to show you every single tool of this software).
When you feel satisfyied you can try to animate his face and body, then he is ready to go to Unreal Engine using the Bridge tool inside or outside the Engine.
To ad tattoo to our character we need to import it inside a software for texturing. If you are not a Maya user you will need to get your metahuman inside Blender (or others) exporting every usefull asset from the Unreal Project and then you need to select only the part that you want to paint.
I will play with several parameters to make it glow and to control the intensity and color of the glowing during the gameplay.
If you are not using any specific software to painting you can create your own texture using Blender. You can also use photoshop or gimp because they work too but you will not be able to check the correct projection in real time.
The animation comes from Mixamo, that is a free library from adobe.
To use an animation from mixamo you will need to do the skeletal retargeting but I will not explain it today because actually it is not that simple and I should make another tutorial only for that :slight_smile: