Painted Blend Shape Weights are not supported in UE4?

I have a head mesh with several blendshapes (Morph Targets). Some of the blendshapes and have painted weights (in Maya it’s in: Deform → Painted Weights: Blend Shape) to mask places where blendshape should not influece verts. It looks great in Maya and Motion Builder, but when imported in UE4, the engine doesn’t use those painted weights and masked verts are influenced by blendshape.

So the question is: are blendshape painted weights are supported in UE4, and if yes how to turn them on? If no, is Morph Target masking planned feature?

Thank you~

As far as I know it is not currently supported, however you can always go back into Maya, get the desired shape after the mask, duplicate the mesh, then set up a new morph target using the duplicate. It’s a workaround but it’s a lot easier than editing the shader code for blendshapes.