Paintball game

Hello everyone, my name is Michael . We are currently looking to bring a few more members onto the team in order to expand our development capabilities for our project

To be completely clear, our project is currently unfunded and members will not be paid prior to launch. However, we plan to pursue either investment opportunities or fundraising opportunities in order to secure funding and work toward a retail release. If funding is secured for the project, the following will happen:
Long-term contributors who wish to remain on the team following fundraising or investment will be offered either a royalty, revenue share, or freelance contract (TBD which) in preparation for retail
Consideration for alternative compensation options will be given to individual team members with regard to special circumstances such as soundtrack licensing

Our project, currently known as Paintball game, aims to blend the genres of action FPS.
The game will be out of action FPS genre in this game most of the speed.
First I would like to make a speedball (racing paintball). If the game was playable, we would have added additional modes such as military paintball (there would be weapons for the sniper, pistol etc.) after some fun mods but the main thing is to make speedball.

Positions Available:
UI Artist
VFX Artist
C++ Programer
Blueprint Specialist
Level designer
3D artist
2D artist

Bonus Points
Preference will be given to applicable team members who have:
Unreal Engine experience
Game development experience
Talent for multiple development disciplines
hipchat used for team communication

Admitted team members will be expected to:
Communicate responsibly with team members and leads
Dedicate spare time within reason to fulfill project obligations
Keep up-to-date with current project happenings
Effectively provide constructive criticism
Effectively accept and act upon constructive criticism

To be entirely clear, we are looking for individuals who can serve as long-term contributors. This is a serious project, and we have every intention of taking it to its completion. Doing so requires setting goals, and meeting them. This is most easily accomplished when team members are willing to make commitments, and capable of fulfilling them.

If you are interested in learning more about the team and/or project, or would like to go ahead and apply to be a part of the team please contact me at the email below. If you are are applying to the team, please provide any combination of samples, a portfolio, or a resume to showcase your work and experience.

Thank you,

Michael Kašpar.

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