Paintball game

Hello everyone, my name is Michael . We are currently looking to bring a few more members onto the team in order to expand our development capabilities for our project

To be completely clear, our project is currently unfunded and members will not be paid prior to launch. However, we plan to pursue either investment opportunities or fundraising opportunities in order to secure funding and work toward a retail release. If funding is secured for the project, the following will happen:
Long-term contributors who wish to remain on the team following fundraising or investment will be offered either a royalty, revenue share, or freelance contract (TBD which) in preparation for retail
Consideration for alternative compensation options will be given to individual team members with regard to special circumstances such as soundtrack licensing

Our project, currently known as Paintball game, aims to blend the genres of action FPS.
The game will be out of action FPS genre in this game most of the speed.
First I would like to make a speedball (racing paintball). If the game was playable, we would have added additional modes such as military paintball (there would be weapons for the sniper, pistol etc.) after some fun mods but the main thing is to make speedball.

Positions Available:
UI Artist
VFX Artist
C++ Programer
Blueprint Specialist
Level designer
3D artist
2D artist

Bonus Points
Preference will be given to applicable team members who have:
Unreal Engine experience
Game development experience
Talent for multiple development disciplines
hipchat used for team communication

Admitted team members will be expected to:
Communicate responsibly with team members and leads
Dedicate spare time within reason to fulfill project obligations
Keep up-to-date with current project happenings
Effectively provide constructive criticism
Effectively accept and act upon constructive criticism

To be entirely clear, we are looking for individuals who can serve as long-term contributors. This is a serious project, and we have every intention of taking it to its completion. Doing so requires setting goals, and meeting them. This is most easily accomplished when team members are willing to make commitments, and capable of fulfilling them.

If you are interested in learning more about the team and/or project, or would like to go ahead and apply to be a part of the team please contact me at the email below. If you are are applying to the team, please provide any combination of samples, a portfolio, or a resume to showcase your work and experience.


Thank you,

Michael Kašpar.

He’s doing that man!

No, but really. OP, stick with this one. Go through and find people interested in this idea. Make progress even if nobody joins you. If you put effort in, you’ll see returns. If you don’t- and just keep posting various ideas- then you won’t. The reason why nobody is helping you with your ideas is simple: You don’t provide anything to the team, and you don’t stick with one idea long enough. Ideas are super cheap, and in fact I was on a team who wanted to make a paintball game a couple of months ago. I’m still on that team, but we’re no longer making a paintball game because we’ve found a better game to make. I can make up 100 ideas for games before you’d get a single team member. So you must begin working on the game. I’d be much more willing to jump on a project that had ANYTHING (literally anything) to show at the start- in the first post. Make something. Don’t just have an idea. Put anything together. Start a project in Unreal on your own local machine, and the very basics of a paintball game. Show us that. Don’t know how to program? Make some art! More of a music guy? Post a sample. Have no talent? that’s fine too- really polish your idea. It’s a paintball game, but which types of paintball will you cover? What sets it apart from other paintball games? Can’t do that? Then be a team leader. Don’t put in the bare minimum! Get out there, and bring people on the project. Go and find those willing to work unpaid or royalty, and try to get them!

Bottom line is a royalty project with no inner drive will never attract talent. There are literally thousands of other projects to join, and billions of ideas to make. It’s your project, you have to provide some inner drive.

I have prepared a contract :wink:

This game is easy to create but I do not know how all things, when we will be more and it will go faster and faster and will reward;)

nobody is interested to help me? I have already prepared the contract;)

Cool, can i have one, i will sing the titlesong for you!

Sir sry, but sometimes even you are wrong, he has the ability to create nice threads and with that some experience too!
You see, he has another one!


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now we have a level design and 3D modeler :slight_smile:

Seeking a quick character artist, 3d model, blueprint

The idea of paintball game seems amazing. I wish you best of luck to get a dedicated team who will create a great game for you. Please share the news with us when the work is completed so we can try it too.

How’s project going?.. I’m not the best but not the worst… Been working on few weapon tutorials etc in. Blueprints… I want in if not dead project… I know all pipeline processes but I’ll admit I’m not talented for all of them. … Is Photoshop to material vs 3ds Max to fbx… Character Max to skeletal mesh etc …

I apologize for inactivity but I was outside the Internet :slight_smile: so again I convert your project into activities :slight_smile: if you still want to write me :slight_smile:

Sounds really nice ! looking forward to seeing some in game screenshots , is it FPS or 3rd person shooter , this sounds like something different and interesting …

Thank you, but this game is FPS but still do not have anything I could share it because I have not passed team :slight_smile:

good stuff

Thank you :slight_smile:

there was already a attempt on that game:
also this guy’s other project’s died like the mentionend “divine warfare” in the above posting. he just changed his Forum nickname here but you can tell it’s the same guy.
now he’s starting the arena idea again, and even the retry dies so quick.
i really dont know.

Man chill out :slight_smile: divine and the program’s projects are my brother :slight_smile: this is my first project :slight_smile:

Actually, it was me who started Progame and Divine Warfare. Divine Warfare, my first UE project has been in development for 1 year and 8 months and is pretty much alive.

k.kaspi is not my nick.

@Kaspi: Keep it civil please.

@GameDev-DR: IP’s are different.
Yes, that easy to do, but why would you bother to do that and then use the same name?