Paint texture/materials on ground

Hello, I am running into a simple problem of painting textures/materials on the ground. For instance, when I have grass and tree’s assets placed in the world I’d like to have a flat dirt painted under ares of them, or maybe some green or even just make a path winding around. How do I paint simple areas?

In CryEngine it was amazingly simple, everything I find in UR4 seems like its a 40 step process full of nodes that in the end just changed the whole map rather than just giving me simple control to change a brush size and fall off while attaching a texture.

Is this not possible in UR4?

If there is a tutorial (video or others) that would be great, I can’t find anything that shows what I’m looking for.



What is your ground? Is it a landscape?

Sorry I’m really bad with the lingo as I simply bought UR4 to mess around with, no schooling no nothing before this.

I built a heightmap in worldmachine and imported it into UR4. I made trees in speedtree and have rocks/plants/grass assets but the ground under the assets I would like to paint on images of grass/dirt/rock that are not assets.

When you start a third person you can grab a material and drag and drop it onto objects/walls/ground but it fills in the entire area. I’d like to change the brush size and paint on my landscape/walls and so on.

I hope that helps and thanks for the interest in helping me.


landscape -
object - :slight_smile:

Thanks Fighter5347.

I know this is repetitive but is there just a simple way to paint in the UR4 engine? Or does one always have to go through a very long process of building “layers” just to paint?

When I was messing around in CE3 you simple pick an image, lets say sand for a beach, and you quite literally just set your brush size and fall off and start painting anywhere you want. Is UR4 capable of just quick, simple to set up painting, or will every single time I’d like to paint will I have to go though this really unnecessary feeling process of building layers and nodes and so on when it feels like it should just take seconds?

I’ll be honest in saying I don’t understand why anyone would want to create multi layers anyways, I’d personally just like to change the image and paint it right where I want it rather than the engine setting it for me.

Prospective. That video link is 18 min long… to attach an image to a paint brush and click left mouse click, why is it such a long process?’’

Example of 100x faster

No, you will have to create such a material -> the advantage of this way is, that you are much more flexible (you can create your own shader which will look much better) :slight_smile:
When you want a fast way, just create such a material with parameters - create a material instance constant - apply it to your landscape/mesh -> now you can easily change the texture + just create a copy of the MIC when you want to use it for another landscape

Thank you, I just want to avoid nodes as I hate them and have no ability to memorize them lol. I’m really new to all of this so even what you said here “When you want a fast way, just create such a material with parameters - create a material instance constant - apply it to your landscape/mesh -> now you can easily change the texture + just create a copy of the MIC when you want to use it for another landscape” I don’t understand at all =(

It’s ok I’ll keep trying.

I like your game you are working on though, Thrown Together studios.

Here are some useful information about materials -> (there you can also find an explanation for all nodes)
The thing with the MIC’s -> :slight_smile:


I’d like to jump in on this topic, as I’m experiencing the very same struggle/frustration. I realize that the complexity of UE4 equates to power, sophistication and quality, but there should also be straight forward, intuitive pathways to simple procedures, like manually painting on an existing mesh. The struggle I feel is like wanting to paint on a canvas, but first I’m required to go into a lab and create all my paints using very complex chemical/compound processes (which first requires a two week course in paint making), when I just want to put some paint on my brush and paint. I have downloaded lots of pre-created materials in content packs in the market place (like Open Demo, Infinity Blade: Grasslands and Landscape Mountains) that already have all the nodes-stuff, so my very limited understanding is that I should be able to select these and paint away (am I wrong on this?). I have my world imported using from and I used M_rock_basalt to cover the mesh. I have no problem using the sculpting tools, but when I select paint in Sculpting, the pane (where I see in so many tutorials) for changing out your materials is not anywhere on my screen. I have literally spent over 6 hours reading and watching tutorials including those put out my Epic and clicking on everything possible. I am certain that there is a simple process to do this even if it has six steps to get there. I just need the “click here, open this, select this” part clearly explained. I have made decent builds in DB Landmark using micro voxel techniques that require patience and have a learning curve, so surely I can paint some moss on a rock in UE4.

Also, is there a better way/place to post question on UE4? I have tried two posts so far, and I get the message that they need to be approved by a moderator, and they have never shown up/been posted. How do you guys get an answer to a question you have within say an hour or two, so you can get a solution and keep going?

Thank you very much in advance. I’m really looking forward to moving past my struggles and into creative output!


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