Painfully slow renders

Hello. My company recently purchased a PC to use with Reality Capture and we are getting extremely slow renders. We tested a folder of 200 shoe images on a slower PC before the purchase and render time was 40 min. With the new PC we are getting render times of 120 minutes. The computer was benchmarked and had some issues which were resolved. We got on a conference call with Dell to troubleshoot and they verified everything was okay. I am mainly a Mac user so I many be missing something. Anyone in the community that may be able to help? With 200 images and this computer, what full size render times should we be able to expect? Thanks. Computer specs as follows:

cpu: Intel Xeon W-2275 CPU @ 3.30GHz  3.31 GHz
RAM: 128GB
GPU: 2x Nvidia RTX A5000
2x 2TB Micron 3400 nvme drives

Hi jeremy_ford,

what do you mean by render? Model computation?

It also depends on your selected setting. Were those the same on both computers?