"Pain causing" Volume and hitboxes.

Hi all,

So, I’m making a very simple 2D classic fighting game with UE4. I am starting to get the feel of it and I would like to know if using “Pain Causing” Volumes (with blueprints) as hitboxes may be the best solution ?

For exemple, let’s say I set a “pain causing” volume with an active time of 10 frames on the foot of the character. If the opponent enter or get touched by the “pain causing” volume he loses some life. Wich is how hitboxes work actually. What is your opinion about it ? Is it the best solution or should I learn a better one ?

In order for it to work I need to be able to make the “pain causing” volume appear and disappear on certain circumstances, like hitting a button. Is it possible through blueprint ?

I personally would also use “pain causing” volumes -> I would do it like that: (of course you can also attach those volumes to differnt parts of your character) :slight_smile: