[PAID WORK ONLY] Anime/Manga Concept Illustrator [Professional]


My name is Huan. I am an illustrator with strong anime/manga genre influenced art style.
Do drop me an email if you are seeking for character design, promotional concept etc



Amazing :o

Wow, teach me senpai! :smiley:

Thanks! I hope to improve more =)

Do you have a deviant or something I can follow? Seriously, I love your work.

Hey, great to see you here Huan ! It’s been awhile. I hope people take notice of your work, your artwork is fantastic. *(The time may soon come again where I’ll look to you for another commission) *

Yes, as stated on my first post.
And thank you for liking it =)

Thanks! I hope so too!

Always so awesome ^

Kadokawa Content Academy Character Illustration Class Sample

That FightClub though. <3

Senpai, do you also do animated shorts by any chance?

Sorry I don’t do animation unfortunately ^^:

Sweet!!! I sent you a PM.

Too bad you are only looking for paid work.
You would have been amazing for my current project :confused: