[PAID] Wingnut AR is looking for Creature TDs

We are seeking highly skilled Creature & Character TDs to join our groundbreaking team of Augmented Reality artists. You will be working at the forefront of technology and imagination in order to bring ingenious forms of entertainment to the world. Responsibilities:

  • Engineer and support animation rigs & puppets, body as well as facial, for real-time/interactive as well as cinematic animation requirements.
  • Planning and developing a holistic toolset & pipeline for Creature TDs as well as Animators, Animation-TDs, Pipeline-TDs and Software Developers.
  • Manage your time effectively to meet the production schedules whilst regularly communicating your progress to the team.
  • Experiment with emerging technologies.

Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Proficiency and 3+ years experience in rigging as well as writing rigging & animation tools in a preferably Maya / Python / Unreal Game Engine centric pipeline.
  • Expert eye for and knowledge of body & facial anatomy and deformation across a wide range, from photorealistic to stylized cartoon characters.
  • Expert knowledge of how to achieve the above in a (preferably) Maya / Unreal centric pipeline.
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills.
  • Need to be able to communicate clearly, work well in teams, and be able to work smartly, quickly and efficiently in time sensitive situations.
  • Ability to take directions positively and thrive in a fast-paced, innovative and creative team environment.
  • Have a passion for everything Augmented Reality.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Experience and proficiency in C/C++, Maya API for writing & supporting tools, deformers and plugins.
  • Experience and proficiency with game engines and having worked as a Technical Animator/TD in the past, preferably in Unreal and/or Unity.
  • Passionate about what is next in Animation & Animation technologies across all visual entertainment.

Submission Requirements:

  • Showreel - A well presented showreel of your best work, we would like to see a variety of work, from rigs to tools, from stylized to photorealistic. A breakdown must be included with the reel.
  • CV - Including a cover letter explaining why you want to work in the AR industry and what you can bring to our company beyond your skill set. Please include professional work experience and current references.

Please apply here: