[PAID] We buy real-life events scenarios in UE 4 and 5 for our VR Mission Library (MIL / LEO Simulation)


we want to build a network of (environment) artists and teams that have recreated real-life events or want to create them in VR in UE4 or UE5.
In the future we will build our own content-plattform, where you can deliver realism assets, environments and FX that we implement into our serious products and we reward you for it.

What is a real-life event?
For example a terror attack, a car driving into a crowd, shooting, IED, an accident or a significant single event.
For example we are interested in purchasing the inside happenings of the Bataclan Theater from start to finish.
If you are an expert but you don’t want to commit yourself full-time you can sell us your content.

What for?
We implement the scenarios into the professional training of our clients that are LEO and MIL worldwide.

You provide the readymade environment with everything included based on real events. We buy it if it’s according to our quality expectations and implement it ourselves into our core engine.

You have to make sure professional interaction is possible. We are not looking for games. We are looking to have believable scenarios that would require a first responer to help. Depending on the situation this includes decision trees, hyperrealistic environment authenticity (with photgrammetry) or just a very short certain professional tactical training topic. The scenarios shouldn’t be longer than 10-15 mins in regard of interaction for now to not overwhelm.

Please use only the best available textures.

We are interested in your content. Do not hesitate to contact a PM if you have any questions.

Room sizes where interaction can happen:
6.5m x 6.5m (Standardized)
10.4m x 10.4m

Others are also possible.


This is a long term offer that will not expire.